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2. September 2014

How to delete your Evernote account:
Log in to your Evernote account at Evernote Web
Click on “Settings” in the top right corner.
Click on “Personal settings” on the left-hand side.
Replace the current email with “closed_(youremailaddress)”
Click on “Update& [...]

26. August 2014


How to delete your kik account:
So you are asking yourself how to delete kik account,
We have updated our details about how you can deactivate your kik account.
Before deactivating your account, keep in mind that deactivating your kik account, means:
You’ll no longer receive Kik messages, or email [...]

18. August 2014

How to delete your iTunes account:
There is no direct link for deletion. It is often smart to deactivate (disable) your iTunes account, since it’s linked to the possibility to use the items you once purchased (due to DRM. See also [...]

6. August 2014

How to delete your EA Origin Account?
In this page you will learn how to delete your Origin account permanently, if you are having problems closing or cancelling your account, or, if you simply don’t know how the whole process works, then simply follow the steps below and we’ll show you how it [...]

5. August 2014

How to delete an Uber Account:
1. Visit the main Uber page
2. Scroll down the site window and select “Support & FAQ.”
3. Click on the “Account and Password” section in the next page towards the bottom.
4. Select where it says “Cancelling Your Acc [...]

4. August 2014

How to delete your Lovefilm account:
Lovefilm uses at least two types of subscriptions that require different instructions. See for detailed step-by-step guides through the process.
Basically, you have to return all your discs and select t [...]

13. July 2014

How to delete your Hotmail Account:
Log in to your Hotmail account. Type in your user name and password and click “Sign In.”
Click on your account name and click “Account Settings”.
Select “Close account.” This is the option on the very bottom of the page.
Verify [...]

8. July 2014

How to delete your Fitocracy account:
Be logged in and use the deletion link.
Direct removal link to delete Fitocracy Account:
About Fitocrazy:
Fitocracy is an online game and social network that aims to use gamification to help users improve their fitness [...]

7. July 2014

How to delete your eHarmony Account / Profile:
1. Access the eHarmony website and log into your account using your email address and password.
2. Click “My Settings” in the top menu. Click “Account Settings.”
3. Scroll to the bottom of the web page and click “Clo [...]

6. July 2014

How to delete your DeviantArt account:
Apparently not everything is deleted from DeviantART, as stated on the deletion page, which is actually a ‘deactivation’ page.
Have a look at their FAQ:
Direct removal link to delete DeviantArt Account: https://www.deviant [...]

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